Beat the Block!


Welcome to the supplementary resources for the "Beat the Block" Toolkit Building Session with Bethan Rees! If you attended our presentation on Beating Writer's Block, you're in the right place to access additional materials to support your creative journey.


Please find the PowerPoint presentation slides below


Character Creation Sheet

Enhance your character development skills with our Character Creation Sheet. Download it here to craft unique and complex characters for your stories.


Remember, this is just a taste of what I offer. If you're interested in attending one of my sessions or exploring more resources, please check out the rest of the website for details. Whether you're seeking support for Beating the Block or interested in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes, Bethan Rees is here to guide you on your writing journey, and can also offer 121 sessions.


Feel free to reach out via the contact form on this website or email Bethan directly at for inquiries or bookings.

We look forward to assisting you in your creative endeavors. Happy writing! 📝🌟

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